Downloadable Documents

In order to make the marching band uniform purchasing process easier for our customers, we offer a complete library of garment construction and manufacturing specifications.  These construction specifications are written to reflect what we consider the optimal way to design and manufacture these garments to give you the absolute best performance and durability in a marching band uniform.

Document Name Word Document PDF Document RTF Document
Accessories Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Applause Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Bibber Trouser Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Bid Form 1 .doc .pdf .rtf
Bid Form 2 .doc .pdf .rtf
Bidder's Evaluation Form .doc .pdf .rtf
Blouse Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Blouse Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Bodydress Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Buyer's Guide for Purchasing Band Uniforms .doc .pdf .rtf
Certification of Fabric Dacron/Wool .doc .pdf .rtf
Certification of Fabric Polyester .doc .pdf .rtf
Certification of Proof of Fabric Stabilization .doc .pdf .rtf
Coat Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Coat Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Construction and Manufacturing Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Deviation Form .doc .pdf .rtf
Dry Cleaning Instructions .doc .pdf .rtf
DS Jacket Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
DS Jumpsuit Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
DS Lined Sequin Jacket Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
DS Pants Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Fabric and Shade Approval .doc .pdf .rtf
Formal Aire Coat Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Headgear Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Invitation to Bid - Exact .doc .pdf .rtf
Invitation to Bid - Stock .doc .pdf .rtf
Lightweight Washable Unconstructed Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Limited Lifetime Warranty .doc .pdf .rtf
Notice to Dry Cleaner .doc .pdf .rtf
Overlay Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Overlay Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Sash, Pendant and Cummerbund Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Sequin and Holographic Disclaimer .doc .pdf .rtf
Sequin Baldric Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf
Trouser Specifications High Rise .doc .pdf .rtf
Trouser Specifications Regular Rise .doc .pdf .rtf
Trouser Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Tuxedo Coat Styling .doc .pdf .rtf
Unconstructed Uniform Care Instructions .doc .pdf .rtf
Uniform Management System - Cloud-Based .doc .pdf .rtf
Washable Uniform Specifications w/ Washable Innerlining .doc .pdf .rtf
Washable Uniform Specifications .doc .pdf .rtf