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DeMoulin Bros. and Co. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of music performance group apparel in the world. We manufacture an endless range of uniforms for Marching Bands, Concert Bands, Color Guard, Choir and many other music related performance groups. The products offered include: custom and in-stock marching band uniforms, formal wear for men and women, guard uniforms and the largest selection of accessory products found anywhere. By combining our experience and craftsmanship in garment manufacturing with the most current design elements and quality standards, DeMoulin Bros. and Co. continues to lead the industry in all fields.

Mission Statement

Our company exists to serve our customers, our employee associates, our stockholders, and our community. For our customer we endeavor to provide products, which provide them a strong positive image, to help them look and feel good about themselves. For our employee associates we work to provide a positive environment in which to contribute and grow personally. For our stockholders we strive to provide a sound return on their investment. For our community we look to return some of the rewards of our success to benefit others. For all of the above reasons we commit to continually bettering our company in every way and to never accept success as a place of rest.

History of DeMoulin

DeMoulin Brothers was founded in 1892 by one of three brothers, all of whom eventually joined the company. The company has a diverse history, manufacturing all types of sewn products for music performance groups and other uniform related industries. The company also made military uniforms in World War I & II, as well as, graduation caps and gowns until the early 1980s. Today the company concentrates on manufacturing and marketing in music performance group uniform business, such as marching band uniforms, front line (color guard) uniforms and accessory products and is the leading manufacturer for this market. DeMoulin's primary plant location is in Greenville, IL, including their corporate offices. The company sells product in all 50 states and exports to several foreign countries. By utilizing our diverse product knowledge, experience and capacity, we deliver the best quality products and services to our customers.

DeMoulin Customer Service

DeMoulin provides the only full-time customer service department in the industry. Our job is to see that your needs are met. We're standing by to do whatever it takes to assure your continued satisfaction with your DeMoulin uniforms.

DeMoulin's experienced team of sales representatives are well versed in product and industry knowledge, product design and customer relationship management. Our sales representatives are trained in and utilize the latest sales force automation tools to give you the best possible products and services that any uniform company has to offer.
Use our "Find Your Sales Rep" link to have a representative service you. You can also find some of our customers in your area that would be happy to be used as a reference.