Genesis and DeMoulin Partner in 2021

From Genesis Drum and Bugle Corps
"Genesis is excited to announce an exciting new partnership with DeMoulin to provide exclusive uniforms and costuming to our performers.

'2021 is an important year for us and the entire drum corps activity. When we began planning this year, it was important to us to partner with industry leaders who understand the perfect balance of quality and innovation,' said Josh Gall, Artistic Director of Genesis. 'DeMoulin’s attention to detail, the incredible service of Steve Trull and his team, and the amazing work of designer Rob Depp are exactly the reason why DeMoulin is the clear choice for performing ensembles around the world. Our performers deserve the best and we are so proud to join the DeMoulin family for 2021 and beyond.'

DeMoulin Bros. and Co. is the oldest and largest manufacturer of music performance group apparel in the world and offers an endless range of uniforms for Marching Bands, Concert Bands, Color Guard, Choir and many other music related performance groups. DeMoulin combines experience and craftsmanship in garment manufacturing with the most current design elements and quality standards.

Stay tuned for the 2021 uniform and costume reveal in late June as part of the Genesis 2021 Summer Experience."