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DeMoulin Activewear

Marching Band Amidst Covid-19

Not knowing what to expect this school year is the common thread among Marching Bands. How do you march together without being…well, together?

Schools are already taking so many precautions trying to keep students healthy – navigating sports programs is another level of complexities. How do you keep students healthy while marching? The good thing is that Marching Band is a “no-contact” activity - if you are doing it correctly, that is…

Many new items have hit the market to help ensure the safety of the students. Face coverings boasting school logos are a big one. Now, the marching arts have musician face coverings to enable instrument use, and bell covers to aid against the respiratory droplets that may be inhaled.

Decreasing potential exposure to these droplets is key. Having clothing that can be laundered on a daily basis and still share your school spirit is a good alternative. DeMoulin is increasing our offerings to include many different sportswear items from brands such as Adidas®, Champion®, and BELLA+CANVAS®, which can be embroidered with your school logo for a cohesive look of School Spirit. Your DeMoulin Regional Sales Manager can help find the gear that will make your band look great. Whatever your style, we have an enormous catalog filled with brand name apparel to suit your band.

High School and College Marching band experiences cannot be replaced. This is a moment in time that will pass, how we handle it teaches students how to handle future obstacles. Find solutions and enhance your skills - even if you can’t perform in front of a crowd. Today’s marching band members are tomorrow’s professionals in every field.

Music connects people and that connection is needed now more than ever. Our wish is for you to look back at the experience and remember the fun, the friends, and the music.

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