Keepsake Pillow



Save your old band uniforms! Recycle your old band uniforms in to a beautiful keepsake pillow. These make a wonderful fundraiser item for the band member that wants a memento from their time in Marching Band.

Send us an old, clean band uniform and we will create a wonderful sample or two for you.

We can usually make 1 or 2 pillows from 1 complete band uniform (coat + trousers). Cost of pillow is $40.00 for simple design, or $45.00 for complex design. Design will be determined at time of sampling.

All uniforms must be cleaned prior to shipping.

Customer is responsible for freight.

Pillows will not be a consistent size due the various uniform sizes and the possibility of having to work around problem areas of the construction of the garment or the design.

Please contact your Regional Sales Manager to discuss your potential order. Delivery times vary based on seasonality.

This product is custom designed and manufactured to your specifications.  The product shown is only an example of what is available.  To begin the process of designing your own custom-made uniform, please contact your Regional Sales Manager.  They can assist you with the selection of uniform construction, materials and fabrics, colors and printing-- all to give you that unique design you desire.

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